23 May, 2020



The book club is for immediate family members only.

$240 per family (2 people maximum – contact us to discuss exceptions for a third person) – includes lunch on both days

Participants will be provided a copies of the worksheets.

$20 per copy of the Safe & Secure book – Please purchase this prior to the Book Club so you have a familiarity with the chapters covered each day.

You will be sent more information by email when you register for the Book Club.


Saturday, May 9 and May 23 – 10:00 am – 4:30 pm – Cancelled: keep checking back for fall dates


Chapter 1 – Clarifying Your Vision 

Learn about creating a vision for the desired future for your relative with a disability. A clear vision that reflects your values, your traditions and your family history. We will look at addressing hopes and dreams, as well as fears and worries, to clarify and share your vision of a desired future. 

Chapter 2 – Nurturing Friendship 

The best way to ensure a safe and secure future for your family member with a disability is the number of caring and committed friends, family members, and supporters actively involved in their life. This chapter will focus on developing and sustaining these relationships to create a personal support network. 

Chapter 3 – Creating a Home 

Creating a home is about looking not only at the type of physical structure that best suits your family member but making sure that they have control over the environment where they live. Ensuring their home reflects their personality and their choices and is with people with whom they would like to live.This chapter will look at making a house a home. 

Chapter 4 – Making Sound Decisions 

In this step, you will look at the ways in which you and your family member can create your own balance between safety and choice. The concept of supported decision-making will be introduced, and you will also learn about the types of powers of attorney available to you. 

Chapter 5– Achieving Financial Security – Wills, Trusts and the RDSP 

This chapter will provide you with an overview of how to plan for and protect the financial well-being of your family member with a disability both now and in the future. This chapter highlights the key tools at your disposal including will and estate planning, discretionary trusts (Henson Trusts) and the RDSP. 

Chapter 6 – Advocating with Empathy 

This step discusses ensuring that support services support rather than supplant a good life for persons with disabilities. We will also look at how to create an effective working partnership with social, health and education professionals, and three types of relationship-based advocacy. 

Chapter 7 – Securing Your Plan  

Achieving a good life and secure future for your relative requires careful attention to many key elements. This chapter will look at bringing together these details to create a vivid plan for the future. It will also discuss how to put this plan into action, including who will execute and monitor the plan when you are no longer around. 

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