Introducing Nick Korhonen, the newly appointed President of the ABLE2

By Rick Burns, ABLE2 Board member

I had the pleasure of chatting with Nick Korhonen, the newly appointed President of the ABLE2, not too long ago via Zoom.

This was not the first time I had met Nick virtually. He is longstanding member of the Board, holding the role of Treasurer right up until his recent appointment. It was my first opportunity, however, to speak with him one-on-one. Unbeknownst to Nick, he had already left a great first impression on me – I was already familiar with his pleasant demeanor and infectious energy during previous Board meetings.

After some introductory pleasantries, I went on to pepper Nick with questions, true interview style. Nick comes to Ottawa via North Bay, graduating with a Bachelor of Commence from Carleton University. He then went on to earn his Chartered Professional Accounting designation, which is not all that surprising as I think back on how effectively and confidently he spoke about all financial and accounting matters of ABLE2. After a decade working at both local and large national accounting firms post-graduation, he assumed the role as Chief Financial Officer at a start up company. And, if Nick did not have his hands full enough, he is also proud father of two youngsters, 6 month old boy, Julien, and 3 year old girl, Beatrice.

I threw out classic question: what made you want to get involved with ABLE2 in the first place? Without hesitation, he indicated that he has always recognized the importance of giving back to the community. And then, after chance meeting with the former Executive Director of ABLE2, the rest is history, as they say – Nick joined the Board of Directors, eventually becoming Treasurer.

The transition this year to President is a natural progression for Nick. After serving many years on the Board, he was already well aware of ABLE2’s business and all of the great work it does in the community. He is equally familiar with the challenges and opportunities facing a small (but mighty) community-based charitable organization like ABLE2.

When asked about what he considers to be the top priority for ABLE2 in the coming years, he pointed to the importance of fundraising, especially in the current economic context. He spoke of his desire to further stabilize ABLE’s resource base over the longer term with a view a achieving more independence for the organization while staying true to its mission: supporting and empowering persons of all ages across the disability spectrum and their families to build lives of meaning and joy as valued members of our community.

As the final question (one I typically like to ask): what would you say to someone thinking of getting involved with ABLE2? His answer was quick and decisive: reach out and talk to us! ABLE2 does such good in serving the community, making so much out of so little. There are so many ways to get involved. From donations, to being coat check person at a holiday party, to serving as a member of the Board, to being actively matched as part of supportive network – there are countless ways one can become involved. And you may even have fun!

Overall, it was great to touch base with Nick. I look forward to seeing him at the Board meetings and of course all of the great ABLE2 events. I can say with certainty that ABLE2 is in good hands!

Written by

Rick Burns

ABLE2 Board member