Reach Legal Services

ABLE2 offers legal referral services for people with disabilities.

Reach Legal Services mobilizes to a network of more than 200 lawyers, mediators and paralegals in the Ottawa region. Clients referred to a lawyer, paralegal, or mediator may receive up to three hours of free, confidential and personal legal services. Should additional time be required, clients and legal professionals will negotiate the terms of representation.

“I owe Reach my testimony of thanks for your help advocating for me over the years. I am a mental health survivor, and I have a disability. Twice I obtained help from Reach. Each time, Reach connected me with an Ottawa lawyer, who treated me with great respect and made me aware that I had legal rights. At the beginning of these legal travails, I had to ask myself, “Who can help me?” As, on my own, I didn’t have the knowledge, clarity, focus, strength or knowledge to move out of the mire.” Christine

To access this referral service please complete the online referral form or contact us at 613-761-9522 ext. 452. There are no opportunities to make an in-person referral.

Corporate and Foundation Supporters

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ABLE2 has a knowledgeable team of experts on disabilities, their challenges and the impacts on individuals and their families. External organizations requesting presentations on disability-related topics, including issues surrounding disability in the workplace must complete our booking form. Once the form is received, we commit to getting back to you within five business days to discuss your request.