Rob’s Journey – The Biggest Gift to Ever Be Given

Rob was matched with Ted twelve years ago and they soon became part of each others’ families, attending dinners, BBQs, weddings, and welcoming Rob’s children into the world. Rob found himself connecting with Ted’s roommate, Fred and was soon matched with him as well. Before long Uncle Ted and Uncle Fred were woven into Rob’s family.

“This program is the biggest gift I have ever been given, the ability to form a series of life-changing relationships,” says Rob. “You could never walk away from interacting with Ted without a smile on your face. He was a selfless individual and only wanted the best for you. That was a gift he would give me each and every time I saw him.”

Sadly, Ted passed away. During Ted’s final days, Rob sat with him every day and held his hand so he always knew he had someone who loved him and that he was not alone.

In March of 2022, Rob ran the Goggins Challenge where for 48 hours, he ran 4 miles every 4 hours. Rob raised over $6,000 dollars for ABLE2 in memory of Ted!

Robert is a recipient of the Senate of Canada’s 150th-anniversary medal for his community involvement, working with families that are dealing with disabilities and coaching youth in financial literacy. He has also been awarded the RBC Global Citizen.

Rob is finishing his term as ABLE2’s Board Chair. During his term, he has guided ABLE2 through many changes and challenges including the pandemic. Rob has shown unwavering support for the Executive Director and staff at ABLE2 during his tenure as President. Rob is a passionate community builder and has ABLE2’s profound gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all the energy and love he has dedicated to those around him. We look forward to the strategic guidance he will continue to provide as he moves to the role of Past Chair on the board.